Solid fuel boiler EGURRA 18 kW – 36 150 UAH

Solid fuel boiler EGURRA GAZI
The design of the boiler GAZI
The GAZI EGURRA boiler 18


Solid fuel boiler EGURRA 18 kW

solid fuel boilerWOOD 18 kW with automatic.
Combustion chamber wall – 8mm.
Cast iron air distributor (burner).

Solid fuel boilers, long burning EGURRA 18 kW intended for heating various premises of50-180 m². The heating system can be open or closed. And also have forced or natural circulation

Fuel: firewood, lignite and coal, briquettes, wood chips, etc.. d.
Round construction of the boiler and its height 2.15 It allows you to put in a large furnace, however, the boiler will occupy little space indoors. Boiler diameters from 630 to 840 mm

Price: 36 150 UAH

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