Buy Heat accumulator at the favorable price? Easily!

    INyberit, what will your tank:

    performance for individual sizes;

    the number of installed heat exchangers and their location;

    number, socket types and their location;

    insulation thickness 50 or 100 mm.

    Theat accumulators GAZI it:

    hemispherical cap, which can withstand high pressures without deformation;

    thickness of steel 2.5 to 8 mm;

    each tank was pressure tested 5 at;

    the quality of seams is ensured by mechanization and automation of welding processes using KEMMPI equipment.


    пінополіуретан 100мм або 50мм + чохол з еко-шкіри


    🔰 Kyiv, St.. Lugova, 85

    🔰 Dnipro, NS. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 160

    🔰Novyy Rozdil, St.. Hodorivska, 1a

    DTo buy things Heat accumulator?
    💰Reduce fuel consumption by 30-40%;

    🚿 Providing cheap hot water;

    ⏳ Increasing the service life of the heating system;
    ❄️ Reducing the risk of boiling solid fuel boiler;
    ♻️ Combining different types of thermal energy;
    🗓 Increasing boiler cleaning intervals;
    🛠 Easy installation in a ready heating system.

    You can buy heat accumulators з доставкою по всій Україні натиснувши кнопку “Buy!”

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